Orthodontic treatment has become normal for people of all ages. Technology has made the experience much less invasive. It allows us to produce the best result with fewer visits and in less time. Dr. Shahmanyan, a highly qualified orthodontist in Whittier and Montebello, offers a variety of orthodontic options to cater to your unique needs, such as:

• Traditional metal braces

• Clear braces

• Invisalign “invisible” braces

• Inman aligners (a new cost and time effective alternative to straighten your teeth)


Metal brackets are much smaller and more comfortable than they used to be. No longer do patients feel like a “metal mouth”, because most brackets are fastened to the surface of the tooth without wrapping around the teeth.

SKY DENTAL also offers clear (ceramic braces) that are even less noticeable than the metallic ones.

We also offer Invisalign- the clear way to straighten your teeth.


Dr. Shahmanyan is one of the few dentists in the area, who is certified to work with the Inman Aligner appliances. SKY DENTAL is specialized in this relatively new method, which is now widely used in Europe.

The revolutionary Inman Aligner is a simple orthodontic appliance used to straighten crooked or misaligned front teeth. Its main advantages are:

• Final results in as little as six to eight weeks

• Less expensive than other orthodontic treatments

• Requires fewer office visits

The Inman Aligner is quickly growing in popularity as more people discover the benefits and advantages of this rapid brace system.

If you are looking for the best orthodontist in Whittier or Montebello, schedule an appointment at SKY DENTAL, and our professional team will ensure you have a healthy and beautiful smile!

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