Dental Implants

Dental implants are the preferred method of tooth replacement. They substitute missing tooth roots and serve as anchors for replacement teeth or crowns. At SKY DENTAL we use advanced technology, such as CT scanners to create detailed three dimensional computer models for more precise diagnosis and treatment planning.


Implant malpositioning is one of the most common possible complications, which can be very frustrating and harmful for a patient. It may result in fractures and implant loosening and a timely and expensive restoration process.

Surgically guided implant placement is an innovative technique for fast, not-invasive and most accurate implant placement. At SKY DENTAL we use this state-of-the-art method, which allows to plan the most appropriate position of an implant, based on a 3D virtual model of patient’s jaws, and then place it in a single session, using a special guide for maximum precision, safety and the best possible results.

The procedure includes the following steps:

1. CT scan is performed to obtain a 3D image of the patient’s bone. At SKY DENTAL we are proud to be able to offer our patients the convenience of having the CT scan performed in our office. We use the Gendex CT Scan, for the most precise results, and do not charge extra for this procedure.

2. The dentist positions a virtual implant into the 3D image of the patient’s jaws and chooses the most favorable size and position individually for each patient.

3. A patient-specific surgical guide is printed based on the doctor’s planning.

4. The surgical guide allows for the most precise placement of the implant. This procedure is performed without opening the gum. It is as minimally invasive as possible for faster healing.

The advantages of guided implant placement:

Accuracy. The surgically guided method allows the near-perfect placement of an implant in the most appropriate location.

Safety and predictability. Based on the virtual models of your teeth and implant we can accurately predict the outcome of your treatment. Surgically guided placement allows to take all the guesswork out of placing your implant.

Efficiency. In most of the cases the entire implant placement procedure can be completed in less than an hour, leading to a faster and less painful healing.

Less trauma and better post-operative recovery.

At SKY DENTAL we are proud to provide our patients with access to the latest technology and cutting-edge treatment solutions. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, WE WILL WAIVE THE FEE FOR THE SURGICAL GUIDE.

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Dental implants may act as a stable foundation for an entire set of replacement teeth that look and function like natural teeth.

Are you having problems with your loose dentures? We can help to secure your smile by using a simple snap button principle. Here is how it works: a ball-top part of an implant is placed into the bone. It snaps into the second part of the snap button, attached to the denture, and hold it securely in place.

The denture snapped securely into place, provides stability and helps to improve confidence and overall quality of life.

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